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The EXPOGO! Design Center

EXPOGO!'s Design Center is a mix of graphic design expertise and service bureau print production. Our designer's backgrounds are diverse and experienced, providing them with the capabilities to fulfill customer needs for any booth, banner and tradeshow project, both large and small. We are prepared to handle a project scope of the most basic redesign, from existing advertising and marketing collateral to developing an idea from scratch and taking it to completion.

A particular strength is taking an existing companies' marketing message and image and incorporating it into a booth display design that captures the essence of the corporate message as well as the eye. Tradeshow display imagery is a different type of visual aesthetic that can be underutilized as a dynamic means of communication. You can trust our team of professionals to offer effective solutions that fit your marketing needs.

Submitting Digital Files

Files 5mb or less can be emailed to graphics@prezenta.com. Larger files can be sent on DVD, CD or can be submitted to our ftp site (see below).

If sending or uploading files to EXPOGO! please download and read our Graphics Specifications Sheet. Files built to our specs help to insure the best possible digital output. If you have any questions regarding your digital files please do not hesitate to call and talk to one of our designers. 1-800-891-1869

Simple Rules for Best Results

1. Image resolution should be from 100 - 150dpi at the final print size of the graphic. 300dpi images are overkill for large format digital printers. When creating graphics, we strongly recommend they be created at 100% of the final print size in order to avoid any scaling issues.

2. If specific elements of a Photoshop file (pixel based) need to match a particular color, the file must be submitted as a layered Photoshop file with the element or elements on their own individual layers. We can not color match a specific element if it is part of a flattened Photoshop file.

3. Ask yourself what you want your display to promote,sell, or otherwise do for you. Taking this approach will better define the purpose of the display and allow you to formulate an image that takes advantage of any dynamic visual impact. Achieving maximum visual impact is the first priority if the message is to be delivered effectively.

When using text to communicate a message on a display, try to keep it to a minimum and concise. Most display viewing times are minimal (5-8 seconds in most cases) before the eye starts looking for an image or bold text explaining what is being offered.

We can help to develop a look that is professional and timely.


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